• Rebel Born Rebel Bred Blanket


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    Rebel Born Rebel Bred Blanket 

    Available in Queen Size Only. 

    The luxurious, plush,  warm, and super colorful QUEEN size blanket measures approximately 195 X 230 cms. / 78 X 90 ins. This 100% Polyester blanket will fall over the sides of a queen bed and cover the top of a king bed.  It will reach the floor on a twin bed.

    Follow washing instructions on the label. It is machine washable in cold water and dryer safe on air fluff.  You can also hang dry and then air fluff in the dryer.  The material is known for rich saturated colors and exceptional durability.  The blanket will keep you and your family cuddly warm for many years to come.

    Rebel Born Rebel Bred Blanket